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About TheSoul.Center


TheSoul.Center isn’t just an experience you come to me for—
TheSoul.Center is the very experience your soul seeks to have.

Whether we meet at my home, a community event, or an Internet space, the same holds true of every spiritual happening and companioning session:

You’ll be there. I’ll be there.
And we’ll journey into TheSoul.Center.

I won’t know the experience your soul seeks when we meet. Rather you will, deep down and intuitively. When your soul is stirring and longing for sacred listening, you may find yourself:

  • Feeling a pull, a whispering inside that says, “Something’s missing in my life.”

  • Transitioning through something big, a difficult trauma, illness, grief, or divorce, and living in an upheaval that you want to move through.

  • Sensing a need to fully address, “What is my actual, greater purpose?”

  • Craving to answer the calling that’s been hammering away on your heart: “I want to feel more present, more alive, but how?”

As a trained spiritual listener and soul companion, I’m here to give you an absolute acceptance you’ll need to discover your Divine answers.  I’ll hold space with you as you travel deeply within along a path of mystery to healing, growth, empowerment, awareness—to the place your Wisest Self calls you to journey further into.

Sounds a little woo-woo, right? Honestly, it is. Blending tangible and intangible, traveling inward to fully come alive outward, describing the way the Spirit works is as elusive and mystical as explaining how I honor your inner magic and where you most feel alive while working together. It’s not simple, but it simply is.

When you feel called beyond curiosity and you’re ready to experience what your soul truly seeks—I’m here to assist your journey into TheSoul.Center.

Karrie’s free spirit, outspoken demeanor and relaxing meditations helped me enjoy more of my life and become more relaxed.
— Sue
Karrie is a gentle seeker of truth, with a curious mind and tender heart that holds and cherishes mystery that sings with your Spirit.
— Anne

Tuning Into Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Needs

Professionally & personally speaking

Journeying for decades to deepen and strengthen what you experience at TheSoul.Center . . .
professionally I’m Karoline Kirchner, trained sacred listener and spiritual caregiver.


Personally, I’m not overly professional and please call me Karrie. I’m a wife to an amazing husband and mom of two beautiful and courageous daughters (and a cat, puppy, and sixteen adopted chickens). When I'm not nurturing souls, you might find me tending one of our family's gardens or hiking through New England's glorious nature preserves.

  • A graduate of Connecticut College, I double-majored in International Relations & Gender and Women Studies and Human Rights. My undergrad studies gave me an empathetic understanding of larger humankind issues. It also motivated me to help where I can make the most impact—on an individual level, working to enliven and invigorate at soul-level.

  • Professionally, I’ve completed Clinical Pastoral Education and served as a Chaplain at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford Connecticut. Personally, I’ve sought ways to deepen my ability to care for people’s spirituality while showing up as myself. I’m peaceful with not fitting inside institutions, I’m as spiritual as I am religious, and you can be both, either, or neither comfortably with me.

  • I’m a Certified Yoga Instructor, graduate from the Spiritual Life Center Spiritual Companioning Internship, and I’ve earned Levels One and Two Certification in Earth Medicine School with Pixie Lighthorse. Studying yoga began as a personal endeavor, teaching me mental stamina and self-care long before I ever taught others. Earth Medicine School (thank you, Pixie) deepened my connection with earthen wisdom, the art of sacred altars, honoring the seasonal cycles of life, and activating as a spiritual healer.

Professionally speaking, I host a monthly women’s circle and I’m also a teaching assistant for the 2020 Spiritual Direction Internship at the Spiritual Life Center. Personally, each of these roles and all of the above, individually and collectively, continue to bring me ways to better care for you mentally, physically, and spiritually.


What does your soul seek to experience?

What do you long for from within and crave to understand how to achieve?
What is it that you deeply desire and truly need to know?
What will help you feel free – what will make your soul shine?
I’m here to welcome you into TheSoul.Center to find out.