In Journey, we receive answers to the questions we have on our hearts – this is the very experience your soul seeks to have!

Why do we Journey with instrument helpers?
Drums and Rattles aid us in Journey by facilitating a shift to “non-ordinary reality.”  Drums and rattles help us make the jump into hyperspace. Drumming or rattling helps our brain to function so that we may experience a Journey without ordinary limits of the mind.  They assist our minds into a space that is free to explore our inner landscapes without logical mind and judgement hijacking our Journey. Journeying helps us remain open and access wisdom within ourselves.  I believe we contain our own answers to our deepest questions

Why use a drum or a rattle?
Music makers literally resonate with us.  Our human bodies experience sound through vibration, tone and other qualities.  We hear the sounds through our ears and feel the vibration with our bodies.

I think of a drum like a heartbeat.  Drums are steady pace and help us march along our inner landscapes.

Rattles offer a different kind of energy.  Rattles break up, shake up and crack off and clear energy.  We may use a rattle to remix, reassemble, recycle, remove stagnant energy so that we can digest, understand, or shed what was stuck.  

Let me introduce you to the instruments that help facilitate Journey Sessions I hold space for.



Bison Drum

This beauty came to me by way of my beloved.  The tone is what spoke to him. This low tone has a strong resonance and facilitates traveling deeply.  This drum is solid - evoking safety, sturdiness, steadfastness and inner power.


Ancestor Rattle

Its voice is a pleasant, high jingle that helps elevate awareness. Ancestors are oftentimes associated with jewelry hand-me-downs and silver.  I fashioned the noisemaker component of this rattle from a charm bracelet that is symbolic, antique keepsake of a family member’s European travel as a teenager.  


Birdhouse Gourd

This rattle was birthed from my own garden.  As she was growing, her vines climbed the trellises constructed by my beloved.  After harvest, I had to wait until she dried out. As she dried over the season, her surface bloomed and marked her with unique decorations and coloring.  I decorated her with dried hydrangea that was gifted to me by a dear neighbor. This rattle has velvety seeds inside that create a soft, gentle sound.


Deerskin Rattle

This helper’s ingredients were gifted from a dear soul - my go-to place for stone, rocks and crystals.  The main noisemaker component in this rattle is quartz. However - there is a secret, special ingredient I intentionally placed inside that helps you access mystery, creativity, joy and happiness.


Dove Rattle

This rattle is made from a metal container that contained a treasured gift.  The insides of this rattle were chosen to help you shake off deep wounds. It is good for the winter months and cracking off any hard edges we may have.