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TheSoul.Center Services


What does your soul seek to experience?

What do you long for from within and crave to understand how to achieve?
What is it that you deeply desire and truly need to know?
What will help you feel free – what will make your soul shine?
I’m here to welcome you into TheSoul.Center to find out.

Soul Sessions


Soul Sessions are my signature offering to you . . .

Soul Sessions are held either in person at TheSoul.Center, or Virtually via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. 

What is a Soul Session?
Simply put – Soul Sessions are Sacred Listening.  

Soul Sessions are one hour long and the suggested frequency for visits is once a month.  

We will begin the session with a getting to know you or a brief catching up. Then, we’ll begin the Soul Session by taking a brief period of silence.  The silence serves as the gateway to your session.

As you sit and center yourself, your thoughts will naturally bubble up. You begin when you are ready.   

I have no idea where our conversations will lead us.  

Think of these Soul Sessions as your touchstones or maps – where you check in with yourself Body, Mind and Spirit.  In this time, while we hold space for your spiritual inquiry, you get a sense of where you are along your journey.

You have complete freedom and choice over where this conversation will lead – whether you need to name and/or recalibrate your trajectory, pause for recharge, or continue full speed ahead.  I will be with you every step of the way. Nowhere is off limits. There is no level you can’t go. You are accepted and your story is honored.

After the session, you’ll receive notes from the session – either directly after the session if it’s in person, or via good old fashioned post.  Do what you feel called to do with session notes – pray with them, burn them, journal with them, converse with them – they’re yours.

They are your words, your thoughts – a reflection of you.  

One hour sessions are $75.  Payment may be received in person via cash or check.  Virtual sessions can be paid for via PayPal. If you schedule virtually, TheSoul.Center will send you an invoice prior to the scheduled session.

A payment scale is also available – no one will be turned away due to financial reasons.  Bartering may also be welcome in some situations.

Sound good?

Wondering if a Soul Session is for you?

Old-Fashioned Soul Friend 


My old-fashioned Soul Friend service is inspired by my long time pen pals, my work as a spiritual companion and the Postsecret project.  

I treasure my pen pal relationships.  

I have found this type of relationship to be soul-filling and soul-relieving.  I cherish this sacred bond. (One of my pen pals and I have been corresponding for over two decades – post cards, photos, poetry – oh my!)

In my work as a chaplain and spiritual caregiver, I have heard and held space for many stories.

YOU contain sacred stories.  
I would love to hold you and your story with loving, caring presence.

I have held space for trauma, secrets, shame, guilt, abortion, adoption, incarceration, depression, #metoo, mental health, violence, victims, feelings of powerlessness, not feeling “enough”, embarrassment, sickness, family dynamic disfunction, cancer, rape, personal beliefs that clients don’t think are “accepted” like conspiracy theories, 12  step, drug and alcohol use, ghosts, virginity, whore, sexuality, ostracization, gender identity, shadow work.

If you are not ready for a face-to-face session, why not consider putting a pen to paper?

Have you ever felt like you lived in a different time period – one which honored slowness, care and meaning?  Do you find yourself wishing for more authentic connection to others and the world around you through your writing?  Are you worried about being exposed and vulnerable? Do you need help tending your wounds? Pick out your favorite writing implement – quill, fountain pen, brush, crayon or sharpie.

Choose your paper – greeting card, lined, photo, recycled or natural fibers.

Take a seat at your writing desk, light a candle, take a deep breath and let your heart pour out.

I will hold your letter in prayer and send you a hand-crafted response in return (and maybe a surprise contained within)! 

Your words will be prayed with and held lovingly.  I will craft a response and mail it back to you.

New Moon Journey Sessions

*Journey Sessions are a special in-person offering for all of you locals in the Quiet Corner of northeastern Connecticut.


What is a Journey?

Think of a Journey as a daydream or imaginative prayer.  As my teacher, Pixie Lighthorse explains – Journeys are like night dreams, but since we are awake, we have more interaction within the experience and can remember more since we are awake.

What happens during a Journey Session? I will be  your host and guide for your Journey.  

When I first arrive at the space – I greet the space and perform a blessing to clean, clear and cleanse the space as well as welcome YOU –  the journey traveler. Next, I assemble the mandala in the center of the room. Think of the mandala as the focus point and symbolic representation of why we are gathered. The mandala can include a candle, stones, or flowers depending on the theme of the journey.  

Next, I lay out the drum or rattle that will help us along on the journey.  I have several instruments that I bring along in rotation – each with their own personalities. Instruments aid us in journey by facilitating a shift to “non-ordinary reality.” Drumming or rattling helps our brain to function so that we may experience a journey without ordinary limits of the mind.  Journeying helps us remain open and access wisdom within ourselves. I believe we contain our own answers to our deepest questions.

At the beginning of the Journey Session, I will introduce myself to you, lay out the structure of the session, and field any questions you may have before we journey.  I will go over what to do with your Journey notes and how to process your Journey experience at this time.

As a traveler on the journey, I want you to feel welcome, safe and held with loving care. Sometimes I offer essential oils to assist you on your Journey. When all the preparations are finished, you will arrange yourself in a comfortable position for the Journey.  And then we will begin.

During the Journey, we remain open and observant to what comes - we witness our inner landscape with childlike wonder.  Think of it like watching a movie of your imagination.

Immediately after the Journey, you will gently transition to recording your journey.  You will journal all the details of your experience. Scenes, settings, surroundings, senses, sights, sentiments.  I always enjoy watching journey-ers rapidly scribbling their stories. I will explain how to work with your Journey experience in class.  I will share my methods and tips as well as access points and other ideas to help you mine your journey for treasured insights.

After journaling is complete, we will transition into a physical practice to reorient you and welcome you back.  I will lead you in simple breathwork and grounding body movement to help you re-enter ordinary realty – or what I call the “here and now”.  

After the grounding practice, we conclude the Journey Session.

The Journey itself is uniquely yours – while you experience it in community.  

Why the New Moon? The New Moon is associated with setting intentions and planting seeds.  New Moons are the perfect time to check in with yourself and ask what you want to manifest in your life.  What are you dreams? What goals to you want to set for yourself? New moons are full of possibility with the promise of taking shape as the moon waxes towards fullness.

*Journey Sessions are a special in-person offering for all of you locals in the Quiet Corner of northeastern Connecticut.

All New Moon Journey Sessions are held exclusively at The Coventry Yoga Shala.

A note on complete confidentiality: Soul work is Sacred work.  That is why TheSoul.Center pledges and honors a strict privacy code.  A wise teacher once told me that the Japanese kanji for Integrity literally means “a person who looks the same from all directions in reference to their heart.”

No matter where our feet may lead us, we are always on sacred ground while together.

Another note: Spiritual Companioning is NOT counseling, therapy, or psychological services. However, Spiritual Direction is a lovely companion to these services.