Old-Fashioned Soul Friend Subscription

Old-Fashioned Soul Friend Subscription

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My Old-Fashioned Soul-Friend service is inspired by my long time pen pals, my work as a Spiritual Companion and the PostSecret Project. Choose One Letter and receive one letter a month or Two Letters to receive, yes, two letters a month.

I treasure my pen pal relationships.  I have found this type of relationship to be soul-filling and soul-relieving.  I cherish this sacred bond. (One of my pen pals and I have been corresponding over two decades - post cards, photos, poetry - oh my!)

In my work as a chaplain and spiritual caregiver, I have heard and held space for many stories.

YOU contain sacred stories. I would love to hold you and your story with loving, caring presence. If you are not ready for a face-to-face session, why not consider putting a pen to paper?

Pick out your favorite writing implement - quill, fountain pen, brush, or sharpie.
Choose your paper - greeting card, lined, photo, recycled or natural fibers.
Take a seat at your writing desk, light a candle, take a deep breath and let your heart pour out.

I interact with your words, hold them in prayer - in love. I mull over your letter and let it steep. After I spend contemplative presence with your letter, I will craft a response and mail it back to you.

Subscriptions are for: 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods and are $30 per month. If you purchase a full year of my Old-Fashioned Soul Friend service you get a discount of $30.
3 months = $90 
6 months = $180
9 months = $270 
12months = $300

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