Meditation Zafu

Meditation Zafu


Meditation Zafu - Zafus are about 12” round and 4” high.

NOTE: Meditation cushions and zafus do not come with stuffing.  They are easiest to ship unstuffed to you because of less weight and less bulk.  If you’d like your cushion or zafu stuffed, there’s an extra charge associated with stuffing and shipping.

All meditation cushions and zafus are available in a range of fabrics and colors.  Please indicate your favorite colors when ordering. Cushions and Zafus are quilted (a layer of batting sandwiched by fabric and stitched).   They all have ribbed piping along the edges and a zippered opening for you to add the stuffing.

Inside stuffing (Buckwheat hulls, polyfil) is available for an extra materials fee.

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