Memory Quilt - Special Order

Memory Quilt - Special Order


These heirloom quilts are made to honor your loved one out of the clothes they inhabited, so they may be of warmth and comfort to you and your loved ones. They are, quite literally, the fabric of our memories.  

The entire process of creating a soul-stitched quilt is full of loving-care.  I take the time to talk with you about your Loved One during a Memory Gathering Session.  During a Memory Gathering Session, I gain understanding of what your Loved One was like and what they meant to you.  During this time, I will get a sense of a theme, design and style of the quilt based on our conversation. You may also want to show me some of the special items you would like integrated into the design of the quilt.  I always enjoy hearing stories about your grandmother’s favorite apron or your brother’s favorite rock band’s concert tee-shirt. I believe these fabrics talk and tell a story.

I will ask you and your family for your favorite picture of your Loved One.  I put your Loved One’s photo in a place of honor and light a candle next to them so that they may watch over me while I pray and work on your quilt.  

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